March 5, 2014

Cabin Rentals

Choose where to stay to make the most of your time at the Ness Creek Site as you enjoy the summer’s events or the winter’s skiing and solitude. The site has ten winterized cabins, designed and furnished to keep you and yours cozy through all seasons. There are also additional rustic summer canvas cottages. With varying price options, you are sure to find something to fit your budget. All prices based on double occupancy.

Prior to booking, please review our guidelines and booking policies. Note: cabins are not available during Ness Creek Music Festival.

Cabin 1        

Sleeps: 6
Rate: $100/night

High ceilings and natural light to keep you in the spirit of Ness Creek. Cabin One sleeps six, so you can have the whole family under one roof, or share with a large group of friends. Fall asleep comfortably surrounded by bright cheerful artwork and colours.


Cabin 3        

Sleeps: 4
Rate: $80/night

This cozy cabin has a wood-burning stove and is perfect to keep you toasty on those beautiful northern nights.


Cedar Suite        

Sleeps: 2
Rate: $70/night

Tucked away out of the action, the Cedar Suite is a perfect honeymoon lodging or a quiet solace for reflection. The smell of cedar invigorates the senses.




Sleeps: 2
Rate: $70/night

Our newest cabin built by none other than… Bill!  This cabin combines rustic charm with simplicity as the Boreal Forest lays out beneath your feet in all its grandeur.


Nessborough North & South        

North Sleeps: 4 (4 single beds)

South Sleeps: 3 (2 double beds, 1 single bunk)

Rate: $80/night (each side rented separately)

The Crown Jewel of the Ness Creek Site, the Delta Nessborough is the castle in the pines of the Big River Area. With two separate suites under one roof, Delta North and Delta South, there are plenty of beds and plenty of room. Soak up the sun on the wide veranda, pour a drink, and watch the world go by.


Memo’s Mansion        

Sleeps: 2
Rates: $80/night

A perfect cabin for a couple to spend their northern getaway in. It is furnished with a cute kitchenette with a hotplate, mini-fridge, cookware, and dishware. There is a small dining area and separate bedroom as well as your own front yard, fire pit, and a great view. This tiny home will make you want to stay forever.


The MervInn        

Sleeps: 4
Rates: $100/night

This spacious cabin has two separate bedrooms, one on the main floor, and one in the upstairs loft. It also has a living room and a wide porch. It’s the perfect choice for a family or group of friends and nestled right in to the trees.


The Eugene (Pet Friendly)        

Sleeps: 4
Rates: $80/night

This is our lovely cabin for guests with pets. It sleeps four and has a seating area and table, a small fridge, hotplate, kettle, and dishware so that guests can be completely self-contained.

Note: There is a $10 fee per pet / per night (plus taxes). Please refer to our Pet Policy.



Canvas Cottage        

Sleeps: 4
Rate:  $50/night

There are six canvas cottages on site, some backstage and some tucked further in to the woods, all of which are used during the warmer months. With two bunk beds in each, they are great for groups who don’t mind more rustic accommodation. Simple and fun, they are sure to bring back memories of summer camp.

Similar in style to the canvas cottages, the Hostel is right back stage and has four bunk beds and accommodates up to 8 people.