January 29, 2018

forestART 2018 – Basket Weaving: Techniques, Materials & Sculptural Explorations

basket weaving class at forestart 2018 discover ness creek

“Baskets are containers in which the threads of human history and the natural world intertwine and hold endless possibilities of creative expression.”
– Joan Carrigan

The Instructor

The Course

Basket weaving is an ancient skill found in all cultures. Within the world of basketry there exists a wide variey of construction techniques which employ a vast array of plant materials. This course will offer a broad introduction to techniques such as twining, cordage, coiling and random weave construction. An emphasis will be on the sculptural potentials of each of these techniques. A variety of materials will be supplied as we explore each of these methods of construction. In addition, we will take the opportunity to respectfully forage for natural materials from the local environment at Ness Creek. This will provide hands on exposure to methods of plant preparation and potentials for weaving three dimensional vessels and sculpture.

No prior basket weaving experience required. Physical agility is required for the foraging walk. Hand strength and dexterity is essential.


  • Broad exposure to several basketry techniques such as twining, cordage, coiling & random weave.
  • Harvesting & preparing wild and cultivated plant materials such as willow, barks, roots, vines & grasses/rush/sedge.
  •  Hands-on experience respectfully harvesting from the local environment at Ness Creek.
  • Completion of a small project in each weaving technique. Through this process, basic skills and construction methods will be covered.
  • Experimentation with creative potentials of these techniques using the materials provided and those harvested on site.


“Thank you again for the spirit and energy you pour into your teaching. I’m inspired by all the creative dimensions of the weaving process, and by the depth of your own passion for the craft and meaning behind each basket.”
– Linda, former basketry student

“I am grateful for your ability to mentor and instruct, Joan. I’m sure that with as much practice as you have, you are well aware of what works and what doesn’t… but I was grateful for your clear instructions. You carefully offered instructions orally, visually, and in print. Your pacing was intentional and you allowed space for observation, reflection, practice, and integration. It was just a seamless, splendid, delightful day for me.”
– Christiana, former basketry student

“I wanted to say thank you again for a wonderful course this weekend. I enjoyed it so much, learned a huge amount and really appreciate the time and effort you put in to teaching us. There was obviously a lot of prep work involved before the weekend. I very much appreciate your dedication to teaching us, and I am definitely inspired to keep experimenting with my basket ideas.”
– Amy D., former basketry student

Dates Available

August 6th – 10th, 2018

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Q. Is there any pre-requisite weaving experience needed for the course?
A. No previous experience is necessary. This course is open for all levels.

Q. Can I bring some materials from home with me…..such as plants from the garden or some special objects from nature that I have been collecting?
A. Absolutely bring them along. We can discuss the potentials for incorporation into a project and even if they are not used at the course, you may go away with ideas on how to use them in the future.

Q. Will I complete a basket during this course?
A. Yes you will complete 3 small baskets during our introduction and exploration of 3 different techniques. Plus you will have time to work on another project of your choice. Perhaps you would like to experiment with a different material in one of the techniques you learned.


Early Bird Registration: $390
Basket Weaving Materials Fee: $50
$440 + Tax

After June 1st
Regular Registration: $440
Basket Weaving Materials Fee: $50
$490 + Tax


  • Course Registration & Instruction
  • Materials used to practice skills, & create 3 take-home baskets
  • Optional Daily Yoga Classes and Nature Walks
  • Boreal-inspired Palette Cleanse appetizers

Not included:

  • Some supplies & hand tools for individual use while gathering & weaving, mostly items you already own. A list of such items is available by request, or upon registration
  • Variable Meals & Accommodation options*
    Variable Accommodation and Meal Options are listed below, this allows you the flexibility to bring your own tent or camper, share a cabin, or have your own private cabin. You can join the group daily for lunch or all of your meals, or cook for yourself.

Accommodation Options:

Camping, non-powered:

  • 4 Nights: $40

Camping, with power:

  • 4 Nights: $100

Shared Cabin:

  • 4 Nights: $140

Private Cabin*  

  • $50-$110 Per Night
    *There is limited private cabin availability, if you are interested in renting a private cabin during forestART, please indicate on your registration, we will confirm options & pricing over the phone. View our shared & private accommodation options here: Accommodations 

Meal Options:

Meals are provided by Big River’s Third & Main Catering. Each meal is hearty, homemade, & served buffet style.  Vegetarian / gluten free / lactose-free options are  offered at every meal.

All Meals (Mon. Supper – Fri. Lunch + Snacks), 12 meals: $200

Daily Lunches Only (Tues. – Fri.), 4 meals: $60 

If you would prefer, you are also able to look after all your own meals. We have a fully equipped cantina-kitchen that can be used to prepare your own meals throughout the week.

Questions about Basketweaving with Joan Carrigan?

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