January 29, 2018

forestART 2018 – Creating Exceptional Digital Landscape Photographs

“You don’t take a photograph. You make it.”
– Ansel Adams

The Instructor

The Course

The Creating Exceptional Landscape Photographs course will emphasize digital photography and post-production work. The experience is suitable for both beginning and advanced photographers. Traditional methods of composition, colour and light will still be a creative part of this course. Basic knowledge of your camera and your computer are a necessity for this program. The natural beauty of The Prairies will provide the backdrop for landscape photography and the opportunity to immerse yourself in the environment. Early morning and/or late evening trips will be a component of the course. The program will cover a good deal of computer work. You will work with Adobe Photoshop or Elements for post processing and image enhancement. Techniques such as photo manipulation, layers, retouching, sharpening, filtering, colour control, and advanced composition techniques will be covered. Outputting for the internet and getting files ready for printing will be a part of the course. Critiques will be done on a daily basis. This course will offer an opportunity to produce outstanding nature and landscape photography using your digital camera. It will be a great learning experience so come with an open mind and desire to improve your work.

Participants should have some experience with the workings of a digital camera as well as some working knowledge of their laptop or computer. You need to be prepared to photograph early in the morning and late in the evening. We will be both in the forest and in the open farm land photographing in a number of environments.


  • Learn to use an DSLR digital camera and the settings most used with landscape photography.
  • Learn to observe light and how to make decisions on composition in the landscape.
  • Learn on the computer, methods of dealing with photos in Photoshop or Photoshop Elements.
  • Learn how to preparing images for the web or for the printing process.


 “forestART was awesome! The photography workshop with John Perret was phenomenal. If you do another one I will definitely come again. The best workshop ever!! The best teacher! The best place! Thank you forestART and John!”
– forestART 2017 Participant


Dates Available

August 6th – 10th, 2018 


Q. Why photograph in Northern Saskatchewan?
A. It provides a variety of settings from forest to farmland. As a landscape photographer I see every environment as an exciting challenge to my skills.

Q. What should I bring?
A. A complete equipment list will be provided with registration.

Q. Am I beginning or advanced?
A. Individual instruction will be provided to students to meet them at the skill level they are at while challenging them to improve and advance as photographers. It is set to be a learning experience for all levels.

Q. Is getting up early in the morning really necessary?
A. The best light for landscape photography happens early in the morning and later in the evening. We will be doing both. If you do not make it for an early morning shoot that’s OK.

Q. Do I have to know anything about computers?
A. You need to know how programs function on your computer and how to store and access data. Storage and cataloging of images will be   discussed.


Regular Registration: $440
$440 + Tax


  • Course Registration & Instruction
  • Optional Daily Yoga Classes and Nature Walks
  • Boreal-inspired Palette Cleanse appetizers

Not included:

  • Photography Gear – camera, tripod, computer, programs, field gear. A full equipment list is available upon request or upon registration
  • Variable Meals & Accommodation options*
    Variable Accommodation and Meal Options are listed below, this allows you the flexibility to bring your own tent or camper, share a cabin, or have your own private cabin. You can join the group daily for lunch or all of your meals, or cook for yourself.

Accommodation Options:

Camping, non-powered:

  • 4 Nights: $40

Camping, with power:

  • 4 Nights: $100

Shared Cabin:

  • 4 Nights: $140

Private Cabin*  

  • $50-$110 Per Night
    *There is limited private cabin availability, if you are interested in renting a private cabin during forestART, please indicate on your registration, we will confirm options & pricing over the phone. View our shared & private accommodation options here: Accommodations 

Meal Options:

Meals are provided by Big River’s Third & Main Catering. Each meal is hearty, homemade, & served buffet style.  Vegetarian / gluten free / lactose-free options are  offered at every meal.

All Meals (Mon. Supper – Fri. Lunch + Snacks), 12 meals: $200

Daily Lunches Only (Tues. – Fri.), 4 meals: $60 

If you would prefer, you are also able to look after all your own meals. We have a fully equipped cantina-kitchen that can be used to prepare your own meals throughout the week.

Questions about Digital Landscape Photography with John Perret?

If you have any questions or inquiries about forestART, we would love to help you!
Please email nesscreekforestart@gmail.com or call 306 480 9010