April 13, 2012

Permaculture Forest Garden

Forest Gardening is a sustainable food production system designed to mimic the patterns and relationships found in a wild forest ecosystem. Our garden is a place to experiment with and demonstrate permaculture design techniques and perennial polyculture in an extreme cold-climate setting. Polyculture incorporates fruit and nut trees, berry shrubs, herbs, vines, and perennial vegetables, all of which yield foods and medicine valuable to humans while increasing biodiversity, productivity and resilience.

The Forest Garden is home to apple, cherry, and pear trees, numerous berry varieties, an increasing number of medicinal herbs, as well as common garden vegetables. Other elements include various passive water harvesting techniques, a compost system to absorb organic waste from the summer festivals, pollinator habitat, and a walipini-inspired greenhouse. It also incorporates a chicken coop with our beloved laying hens, who convert kitchen waste into eggs and valuable compost. All elements are incorporated into a whole systems design, which is becoming increasingly self-regenerative and productive.

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