April 13, 2012

Saskatchewan Boreal Forest Learning Centre


The Forest is our Classroom

The Boreal Forest Learning Centre provides opportunities for people to develop meaningful connections to the boreal forest by offering activities that interface with the nature through visual and performing arts, science, adventure, ecology & conservation, permaculture, and traditional indigenous knowledge.

We believe that connecting people to the natural and cultural wonders of the boreal forest fosters personal growth and reflective learning while encouraging respect for this great ecosystem that requires stewardship and protection in our province.

The Ness Creek Site is our forest classroom where the local resources create a unique outdoor education experience. Resources include: on-foot accessibility to diverse local ecology and landscapes, the 20-km trail system, the permaculture forest garden, the wildlife viewing tower, canoes and bicycles, indoor programming space, and the close proximity to the wild bison herd and Prince Albert National Park.