The Ancient Art of Raising Copper

with Portland Master Metalsmith Greg Wilbur

“The day humans met copper was the first steps out of the stone age”
- Author Unknown

The Class:

Using an ancient process of raising metal you will transform 2D sheets of copper into 3D bowls. This dynamic process has been developed over thousands of years and you will learn both Western and Eastern style concentric raising along with other techniques such sinking, planshing, embossing, chasing and more! Design possibilities, surface treatments, and patinas will all be explored with master Metalsmith Greg Wilbur.

The Details:

Greg will start by teaching students the various methods of cutting out copper sheets into useable shapes. Then the fun begins as he imparts over 40 years of experience in various hammering techniques, primarily raising but also sinking, planshing, embossing, chasing and more. You will move at your own pace and skills level. If you have more experience with the form, Greg will take you further into more advanced and new techniques.

Concentric metal forming or RAISING is about striking the copper with metal hammers over metal stakes; thus changing the form of the copper sheet in small stages or courses. The moving of metal through courses of hammering involves the forced sliding of the copper’s crystals ( also called grains ) over and on themselves. This hammer forced movement needs to be controlled and this control is what will be taught.

Throughout this process you will learn both; how to strengthen your copper while maintaining a more malleable form using annealing and; how to remove oxidation through “pickling.”
Design possibilities including surface finishes will be explored and Greg will urge you on, pushing you as far as you are comfortable in your artistic journey with copper. At the end of this workshop you will create multiple 3D forms or bowls and should you choose, a display as well!

Join Greg Wilbur at forestART and unleash your inner artist in the Boreal Forest!


No prerequisites. Greg will teach to your skill level!

FAQs, Schedule and Required Materials listed below.

Date: Thur. July 23rd – Sun. July 26th, 2020

$445 Early Bird; $495 After May 1st

  • Early Bird Course Tuition of $445
  • 21 Hours of Course Time
  • Daily “Boreal Bites”  
  • Morning Yoga
  • An unforgettable experience

Material & Equipment Fee: $100
Some tools, equipment and materials are supplied by forestART and vary from course to course. Details in the FAQ section below.

Meals & Accommodation: Purchased Separately

Available options are on the registration page.

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Phone: 306 481 4883
Email: nesscreekforestart@gmail.com

Your Instructor : Greg Wilbur

Greg Wilbur was born in Oregon and received degrees from the University of Oregon in Fine Arts and Art Education. Greg spent 4 years in US Navy and is a Vietnam Veteran.

Greg is known for hammering and raising metal into sculptural and vessel forms, which he has done for 40 years. He has taught throughout the US, Canada, New Zealand and France and participated in over 100 Art and Craft shows including the Smithsonian craft Fair and the Philadelphia Crafts Show.

In 1996 he cofounded Art in the Pearl a top national annual Art show in Portland and served on that board for 15 years, concentrating on its educational efforts. In 1998 he participated in his first collaborative event held near Saskatoon, Canada, called EMMA International Collaboration. Since then he has attended 23 such events worldwide: including each EMMA since 1998. He helped establish an Oregon collaboration event called Frogwood, which has a 12 year history. In 2013 he curated East/West the Hammered Metal Object, a show that brought together 22 metal heads from America and Japan.

He now shows work at Waterstone Gallery in Portland, OR and Row Boat Gallery in Pacific City, Or.


"I am constantly amazed that all of his pieces start from a single sheet of metal, no soldering, welding, or cold connections. Te way that the shapes and movements are formed with two simple tools and the knowledge of how to utilize them is truly inspirational."
Winona Hwang
Past Course Participant
" Greg is a great teacher, his presentations are always interesting, his approach is hands on from the start and in no time you are on your way. His approach is personable and he spends enough time listening and watching to offer individual encouragement and critique as you learn and build confidence."
Stephen B. Jones
Past Course Participant


FAQ & More Info

Supplied by you:

  • Well fitted work gloves
  • Protective eyewear
  • Long-sleeve flame-resistant clothing
  • Sturdy work boots
  • Water bottle
  • Sketch pad & pencils

Supplied by Instructor and covered in your Materials/Equipment Fee:

  • Copper sheets
  • Metal smithing hammers
  • Small hand tools
  • Burnishers, capers, files
  • Patina chemicals
  • Propane and torches

No, this is an introductory course, but also targets experienced metalsmiths looking to refine their skills.

Yes, some students will create one bowl and others may create a few.  


  • AM: Arrival
  • 1pm: Group Orientation
  • 2 – 5pm: Copper basics, cutting techniques, cutting our blanks, circles, Annealing demo, drawing circles, sinking demo, raising demo, start projects
  • 5 – 6pm: Palette Cleanse (Social Hour with Boreal Inspired Appetizers)
  • 6 – 7pm: Supper

Friday / Saturday:

  • 7am: Yoga
  • 8am: Breakfast
  • 9 – 12pm: Instruction Block: Surface design techniques and patinas
  • 12 – 1pm: Lunch
  • 1 – 5pm: Instruction Block: Advanced techniques
  • 5 – 6pm: Palette Cleanse
  • 7pm onward: Free time


  • 7am: Yoga
  • 8am: Breakfast
  • 9 – 12pm: Instruction Block: Complete projects
  • 12 – 1pm: Lunch
  • 1pm: Group “Show / Share” & Farewell

Days: 3 full, 1 half.

Instructional Hours: 21 hours

It’s choose your own adventure, with options to suit every budget! You can cook all your own meals, pay for lunches only, or get the full meal deal. You can camp with or without power, bunk in with some fellow artists in shared accommodation, or rent a private cabin. 

Full Details on our Food & Accommodation Options can be found on the main forestART page or when you go to register!

Are you joining us??

 We look forward to seeing you in Coppersmithing with Greg Wilbur!

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