Rethinking Your Painting Approach

Spontaneity, Collaboration, & Organic Flow on Canvas

with renowned Painters Dean Bauche & Darrell Baschak

“Art enables us to find ourselves, and lose ourselves at the same time” - Thomas Merton

You know that feeling as a painter when you’re just “in the flow”? … The paint is gliding across the canvas, you’re inspired & bright, and you follow the impulses that lead you to your best, most lively work? Our focus as collaborators & co-teachers is to help you overcome what is holding you back from being in that organic flow state more often, to more consistently convey the depth, emotion, and spontaneity that emerges in your best work while in that flow state.

This course will move you out of the ruts we all tend to fall into from time to time as artists. It will challenge you to rethink your approach to painting, whether you do landscape, portraiture, or abstract. This course will offer you an exceptional opportunity to revitalize your work – making it fresh, spontaneous, & infused with creative vitality.

Course Details
Dean Bauche and Darrell Baschak have worked together as painters and instructors for 15 years using innovative collaborative techniques that have inspired and shaped each of their own unique styles. Instruction will include individual and group instruction, demonstrations in watercolour, acrylic, and oil in addition to large screen presentations and critique sessions. Artists can work in any medium (oil, acrylic, watercolour) and focus on subject matter of their choice and will receive personal and group instruction in that medium. 

The planning, preparation, and design stage will be a major focus and given special emphasis. We will begin with how to most effectively capture and reference your inspiration – whether it be drawn from Plein Air, digital images, or memory.

Then our approach to developing your studio painting will include some of the most accessible and applicable information on design and colour theory for painting which include:

  • Best practices with preliminary drawings and paintings
  •  Key concepts in designing your canvas for maximum impact
  • Key concepts in your approach to colour for maximum impact.
  • Techniques to keep your work feeling spontaneous and fresh
  • Key techniques in underpainting your canvas for landscapes and portraits to allow for spontaneity 

All participants will work on individual pieces, as well as have the opportunity to work together to design and create one collaborative piece of art that promises to delight, challenge, and offer important insight into how to strengthen you own work.

Additional Session: Using Digital Technology

We will also offer a two hour session which will provide important & practical insights into how to use your phone camera with currently available apps to actually get images you can work from. In addition, it will offer great ideas on how to use photoshop and your digital camera to create intense layers or HDR images that will inspire you to paint. This session is extremely valuable for all levels of technical competency and is highly endorsed by both students who felt they knew almost nothing about technology and would get nothing out of it, and by those who felt they already knew how to effectively use photo editing tools in their painting process.

Regardless of your chosen subject matter or medium, as a student in this course you will gain a renewed and deeper knowledge of:

  • How to plan and design for spontaneity in the painting process.
  • How to prepare a canvas.
  • How to prepare a canvas using “organic flow technique”
  • How to use digital technology to plan & prepare your work.
  • How colour can create rhythm & focus.
  • The value of collaboration and critique


  • Students should be open to engage in a limited number of outdoor excursions and activities.  
  • Concepts taught will be effective for participants with basic to advanced painting skills.
  • DSLR camera, laptops, iphones, ipads are all optional tools, if you have them bring them.
  • Optional also are programs and apps like photoshop elements, Procreat, Prisma Sktchy, IC Painter. If you want to experiment with them load them on to your device before you attend.
  • All oil painters must use EcoHouse odorless thinner and Walnut Alkyd oil or equivalent

Date: Tues. August 6th – Fri. August 9th, 2019

Tuition: $460

  • Early Bird Tuition – $445
  • 20 Hours of Course Time
  • Material & Equipment Fee of $15
  • Daily “Boreal Bites”  
  • Morning Yoga
  • An unforgettable experience

Inclusive Price: $460 – $910

Inclusive Price varies based on chosen meal plan & accommodation during your time at forestART.

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We are happy to help answer any questions you have about forestART!

Phone: 306 480 9010
Email: nesscreekforestart@gmail.com

Your Instructors : Dean Bauche & Darrell Baschak

Darrell Baschak is an experienced contemporary painter who works primarily in Oils but is well-versed in other mediums such as acrylic, watercolour, & pastels. His colourful and dynamic paintings find their beginnings in nature and from there evolve into personal statements about the relationship between inner and outer space. When he is listening and observing closely enough, a dialogue manifests itself that is deeply personal and spiritual. Darrell Baschak was born in The Pas, Mb. in 1956. He has been painting for 44 years and is largely self taught. The artist’s process has evolved over the years into art works that are thoughtful, well executed, and collectable. Darrellʼs work can be found in private, corporate, & government spaces across Canada, USA and Europe. He lives and paints at Manitou Beach, Saskatchewan, Canada.

Dean Bauche is a professional artist, curator, educator and adjudicator. Bauche works in both traditional and new media including: copper, encaustic, watercolour, pastel, acrylic, & HDR photograph,  but is best known for his evocative portraits in oil and encaustic. Bauche’s work has won many awards and can be found in national publications as well as private and public collections across Canada including the collection of former Prime Minister John Turner. Bauche is represented by Soul Gallery in Winnipeg. His work explores all the dimensions that make us human: spirit, body, mind, and place. The creative drive that shapes and forms his art is a need to “seek communion”. Communion with myself, with others, & with Spirit. Each subject offers its own emotional energy, shaping the nature of the expression. Painting portraits is akin to a process of stripping away what I know stroke by stroke attempting to reveal or discover what is hidden. “I think when all the stripping is done and a work is successful we are left with something closer to truth, beauty or mystery. These, after all, are the invisible things, enclosed by the flesh.”



"Dean & Darrell are a dynamic duo you don't want to miss an opportunity to paint with and learn from. Endless inspiration, creative challenge, deep insight, authentic encouragement, & boundless belly laughs are what is in store for you in Rethinking Your Painting Approach at forestART"

Katherine J Lachapelle
Fellow artist & collaborator
"Dean Bauche is both a stellar artist and remarkable teacher. He is a leader amongst artists - inspiring and energizing. He teaches through example, structured lessons and guided inquiry. Dean’s enthusiasm for his own discoveries and experiments is channeled to his students. They in turn derive confidence to take risks in their work. Dean identifies focus areas for students to better tailor to their needs. This ability to recognize the relevant focus and help students to do likewise is essential to excellence in teaching. His teaching is organized, thoughtful, and both experiential and research based. Dean uses 21st century tech in his teaching practice. He is current and connected. He is kind, patient and full of hilarity. He is a joy to have as a teacher."
Karen Clark
Past Student & Founder of NorVa Art Gallery


FAQ & More Info

This course offers foundational concepts and approaches that will provide important insights for both the beginner and the advanced painter. Each person will take away the learning and information they are ready for. 

Organic flow is a concept we have developed that encourages free visual associations in the studio painting process, the results are paintings that don’t need nor want to conform to rigid replication of source material but rather stretches beyond the real source material into the realm of depth of meaning, colour, and imagining. 

If you want to free yourself up in your painting technique, this course is definitely for you. It will challenge your blocks and offer hands on techniques that encourages us to break out of the familiar, safe, boring patterns we can sometimes develop in our painting process. 

Dean and Darrell have come to value the radical diversity each one brings to the table. Although their subject matter  and content are rarely the same, they have found that their approach and desire to create fresh and compelling art to be their bond.
For this reason they take every opportunity in their busy lives to work, paint, and teach together. People who work alongside them find their desire to break the mould to be contagious.

Supplied by You

  • Sketch pads and pencils
  • Paint medium of choice (With a preference of having in your palette, cool and warm colours in all three primaries as close to professional grade paint as possible and Windsor Blue if working in Water colour.)
  • Substrates large and small (ie canvas boards etc)
  • And assortment of (larger) Brushes and palette knives.
  • Source material for studio sessions (photos or digital screen)
  • Spritzers
  • Drop mats and towels

Supplied by Instructors and covered by the Material fee

  • Two large group canvases
  • Squeeze bottles (for flow techniqe)
  • Specialty Paint
  • Demonstration materials

Tuesday 1pm:    Official Start Time & Orientation                

Tuesday aft:              – Design & colour theory refresher

                                    – How to use digital technology

                                    – Planning subject matter

                                    -Prepping a canvas demo

                                    – Your turn

                                    – Group collaboration

                                    7PM – 9PM: Evening session (continued above)

Wednesday              – Studio work or plein air and capturing photo resources of your
                                      subject for later

                                    – Studio application and best practices for final painting

                                    – Demo oil/acylic

                                    – Time to work on your own individual projects with individual

Thursday                     -Studio/plein air

                                    – Studio application and best practices for final painting

                                    – Collaboration

                                    – Watercolour demonstration 

Friday                         – Plein air and capturing photo resources of your subject for                                              later   

                                    – Studio application and best practices for final painting

                                    – Critique session



  • Optional yoga prior to breakfast
  • Journaling and drawing, forest walks 


  • Early evening Palette Cleanse social hour with complimentary boreal bites, an opportunity to socialize and interact with all the other art course participants to be inspired and make connections!
  • Optional sauna, camp fire time, storytelling, walks, swimming, etc.


It’s choose your own adventure, with options to suit every budget! You can cook all your own meals, pay for lunches only, or get the full meal deal. You can camp with or without power, bunk in with some fellow artists in shared accommodation, or rent a private cabin. 

Full Details on our Food & Accommodation Options can be found on the main forestART page or when you go to register!

Are you joining us??

 We look forward to seeing you in Rethinking Your Painting Approach with Dean Bauche & Darrell Baschak!

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