Unleash Your Creativity

Come let the brilliance of Saskatchewan’s boreal forest inspire your creative spirit. forestART offers you four days to completely immerse yourself in your own art practice –  in a medium you are versed in, or something completely new! Step out of your day-to-day to find a community of like-minded creatives.


with Dean Bauche  & Darrell Baschak

with Megan Broner

with Brian Gladwell

August 6th - 9th


$ $495 (course only)
  • 20 Hours of Art Instruction
  • "Palette Cleanse" Boreal Appetizers
  • The peace & inspiration of the Forest
  • A Community of Fellow Artists
  • Optional Morning Yoga

Course Materials

Varies per Class
  • Each forestART Course has
    a Materials & Equipment Fee. Please view the Course Info for details on what the fee is for the Course you're interested in.


Variable Options to Suit Your Style
  • Camping, No Power - $40
  • Camping with Power - $75
  • Shared Cabin - $120
  • Private Cabin - $69 /night & Up


Homestyle & Hearty Meals
  • Cook for Yourself - FREE
  • Lunches Only (4 meals) - $55
  • Full Meal Plan (10 meals) - $140
Heres's what people are saying about


“Yes, the nature was extraordinary. Yes, the artwork I did was illuminating and showcased so much growth as an artist,. Yes, the food was incredible. And Yes, it was overall a great experience. BUT the best part of forestART for me where THE PEOPLE, who were  UNFORGETTABLE.” 
– Kim

Are you Ready for forestART?

Now is your chance! Step out of your day-to-day and immerse yourself in the beauty of the boreal forest spending time doing art that you love! 


It’s nice to let someone else do the cooking and focus on your creativity.  Vegetarian, Gluten-Free, and other dietary restrictions can be accommodated.

Cook On Your Own

Feel like cooking for yourself? No problem! We have a fully loaded common kitchen for you to use at no additional charge. This kitchen is seriously stocked but make sure you bring any specialty cook ware that you may want to use.

Lunches Option

Lunches are a great option if you want to save some money by looking after your own breakfasts & suppers, but still want to enjoy socializing with other artists over the noon hour. The Lunches Only option includes Lunch on Tuesday - Friday.

Full Meals!

The full meal option includes Lunch on Tuesday to Lunch on Friday, for ten meals total. forestART is catered by Wanda with Big River Third & Main Catering. The food is all hearty, homemade, & served buffet style.


Cozy up in rustic luxury, bring your own RV with power hookup or get a little more rugged.  Either way you’ll be immersed in the beautiful Boreal Forest!

Private Cabins

We have a lovely selection of eclectic and cozy cabins to suit your need for your own space and comfort during forestART. Click on the button above to take a look at our private cabin options and see what we have available when you go to check out. Starting at $69 / night


Shared Cabins

Feeling social? And like you're want all the fun of being back at summer camp,, only as an adult with all the freedom that entails? This option is great if you want the comfort of a cabin, but don't need one all to yourself! Or if you're coming with a friend or two and want to bunk together. $120 + Tax


Find a beautiful spot all your own to set up your tent or pull in your trailer or camper van. The whole site is yours if you don't need power. We also have great powered camping sites close to the main gathering area for your convenience, though we do not have sewer / water hookups! Non-powered: $40 Powered: $75

Are you Ready for forestART?

Now is your chance! Step out of your day-to-day and immerse yourself in the beauty of the boreal forest spending time doing art that you love! 

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