Collaborative Learning on Canvas

with renowned Painters Dean Bauche, Jan Layh & Darrell Baschak

“Art enables us to find ourselves, and lose ourselves at the same time”
- Thomas Merton

Triple Impact Painting is the delightful combination of Jan Layh, Dean Bauche and Darrell Baschak who have worked together as painters and instructors for 25 years using innovative collaborative techniques that have inspired and shaped each of their own unique styles and careers.

This course offers an exciting opportunity to move out of your ruts and rethink your approach to painting by participating in and experiencing collaborative learning. Whether you do landscape, portraiture or abstract this course offers an exceptional opportunity to revitalize your work making it fresh and spontaneous.

What makes this course unique?

There will be three highly experienced instructors, each with their own unique approach, style, signature, and strength. These instructors have worked together on collaborations and teaching for over 25 years. They clearly enjoy and feed off each other, providing varying, but complimentary feedback and approaches to the same problems. Their sense of fun and enthusiasm is contagious. All three have a history of inspiring trust, confidence and risk taking in their students.

The unique learning opportunity in this class is our focus on collaborative learning.

Collaborative learning is a freeing and fun process of taking the concept of demonstration to another level. Your three instructors will introduce to the group a painting idea they intend to demonstrate. They will then approach the demonstration as a collaboration where both instructors and participants can take part. Everyone will be guided and encouraged to work through the paintings step by step from beginning to end. Participants are encouraged to take photos and notes on each step for their future reference. Everyone participates and contributes a small amount according to their level of comfort, enthusiasm and understanding of the process. Participation may range from quiet comments, observation or ideas to wildly applying loads of impasto paint with reckless abandon.

Once a collaboration has been completed participants will be encouraged to work on their own painting, using the understanding, approaches and techniques they found most meaningful to them. During this time, individual and group instruction, will continue.

Instruction will also include small break out groups, mini demonstrations and activities in watercolour, pallet knife, use of digital photography and apps.

Activities will include opportunities to reflect on what drives or inspires us as artists, reflecting on where our best work comes from and how to harness that. We will examine how we can GROW as an artist using fun and informative critique sessions plus an examination of the mentor’s role through large screen presentations.

Artists can work in any medium, oil, acrylic, or watercolour and focus on subject matter of their choice. They will receive personal and group instruction in their medium of choice, as instructors are accomplished in all three. (All oil painters must use EcoHouse odorless thinner and Walnut Alkyd oil or equivalent.)

The course will draw on the inspiration of the Ness Creek forest area and its people for subject matter.

Instruction on the importance of planning, preparation and design stage as well as the importance of techniuque will be offered. (How to most effectively capture and covey your inspiration from plein air to digital images.)

Instruction will also include how to start a painting, how to finish a painting, and how to trouble shoot and deal with a painting that has crashed.

Our approach to developing a studio painting will include some of the most accessible and applicable information on design and colour theory for painting which include:

  • best practices with preliminary drawings and paintings
  • key concepts in designing your canvas for maximum impact
  • Key concepts in your approach to colour for maximum impact
  • Techniques to keep your work feeling spontaneous and fresh
  • key techniques in underpainting your canvas for landscapes and portraits. (This will include demonstrations on how to underpaint your canvas and apply “organic flow technique” for fresh and spontanious paintings.)

All participants will work on individual pieces as well as have the opportunity to work together to design and create at least three collaborative pieces of art that promise to delight, challenge and offer important insight into strengthening you own work.

As a result of last year’s feedback this course we will offer a session focused on important, practical insights into uses of your iphone camera as well as the do’s and don’ts of the newest iphone and ipad apps. In addition it will offer great ideas on how to use photoshop and digital cameras to create intense layers or HDR images that will inspire you to paint. This session is extremely popular and valuable for all levels of technical competency and is highly endorsed by students who felt they knew almost nothing about technology and would get nothing out of it.


The collaborative approach with three instuctors will change the way you think about and approach painting moving forward. Learning through Collaboration more than triples your learning experience because you get to see:

  • How 3 instructors approach a painting
  • How 3 instructors problem-solve
  • How 3 instructors communicate their approach
  • How 3 instructors analyze what they are doing/have done.
  • How other participants approach the same work

This couse will offer inspiration and fun, while you grow as an artist, offering an opportunity to get out of your ruts and loosen up while building a solid foundation for future growth

Regardless of your choice of subject matter or medium participants will gain a renewed and deeper knowledge of:

  • Their medium of choice and how to rethink it
  • The value of collaboration and critique
  • Planning and design for spontaneity
  • Preparing a canvas using “organic flow technique”
  • Using digital technology to plan and prepare your work
  • Creating rythym and focus with colour


  • Our Approach, and concepts taught will be effective for participants with basic to advanced painting skills.
  • “En Plien air” outdoor excursions will be an opptional activity, to participate bring appropriate painting supplies
  • DSLR camera, laptops, iphones, ipads are all optional tools, if you have them bring them.
  • Optional also are programs and apps like Adobe photoshop elements, Photomatix HDR, Procreate, Prisma, iColorama Sktchy, IC Painter. If you want to experiment with them load them on to your device before you attend.

FAQs, Schedule and Required Materials listed below.

Date: Thur. July 23rd – Sun. July 26th, 2020

Tuition: $445 Early Bird; $495 After May 1st

  • Early Bird Tuition – $445
  • 21 Hours of Course Time
  • Daily “Boreal Bites”  
  • Morning Yoga
  • An unforgettable experience

Material & Equipment Fee: None. Please see the FAQs below for what you need to bring.

Meals & Accommodation: Purchased Separately

Available options are on the registration page.

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Phone: 306 481 4883
Email: nesscreekforestart@gmail.com

Your Instructors : Dean Bauche, Jan Layh & Darrell Baschak

Jan Layh lives with her husband, Don, on their farm in the Assiniboine River Valley east of Langenburg, Saskatchewan. She has recently retired from teaching Senior French and Arts Education at Langenburg High School. Jan is a self-taught artist having learned her skill through years of practice and experience. The Prairie landscape has always been an inspiration for Jan. The changing seasons, the grandeur of prairie vistas, and the often subtle colours of the prairies continually challenge her work. Although a landscape artist, she is continually challenging her work by attempting portraiture, mosaic work and mixed-media. She paints in watercolour, oil and acrylic.

Jan is active in the arts community. She is President of the Langenburg Arts Council and chairs the Visual Arts Committee which organizes the Annual Langenburg Adjudicated Art Show and the Annual Art Gala & Auction. Jan has facilitated numerous workshops in the arts. As a strong promoter of local art she is always on the look-out for emerging artists in the community. For the past 20 years, Jan has organized the Annual Shellmouth Summer Art Retreat attended by artists from British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba and Ontario.

Jan’s work is held in collections across the country and abroad. She has exhibited her work in Saskatoon (Collector’s Choice and Humanum Galleries), Regina (McIntyre Street Gallery), Winnipeg (Fleet Gallery) and Calgary (Free Spirit Gallery), Eastend (Silver Willow Gallery) and Assiniboia (Shurniak Gallery). She also shows her work out of her home studio.

Darrell Baschak is an experienced contemporary painter who works primarily in Oils but is comfortable in other mediums such as acrylic, watercolour and pastels. His colorful and dynamic paintings find their beginnings in Nature and from there evolve into personal statements about the relationship between inner and outer space. When he is listening and watching attentively enough a dialogue manifests itself that is deeply personal and spiritual.  Darrell Baschak was born in The Pas, Mb. in 1956. He has been painting 44 years andis self-taught. The artist’s process has definitely evolved over the years into pieces of Art that are thoughtful, well executed and collectable. Darrellʼs work can be found in private, corporate and government spaces across Canada, USA and Europe. He lives and paints at Manitou Beach, Saskatchewan, Canada.

Dean Bauche is a professional artist, curator, educator and adjudicator. Bauche has 22 years of museum experience as the Director of the Allen Sapp Gallery and Director Galleries for the City of North Battleford.  Bauche works in both traditional and new media including: copper, encaustic pastel acrylic HDR photograph and some film but is best known for his evocative portraits in oil and encaustic.

Bauche’s work has won many awards and can be found in national publications as well as private and public collections across Canada including the collection of former Prime Minister John Turner. Bauche is represented by Soul Gallery in Winnipeg.

Bauche is an adjudicator for OSAC and is a popular art educator and guest artist/ Artist in Residence across Canada. Over the years, his unique approach to art education has made him a leader in the use of SMART technology. His award winning educational publications are now recommended by Saskatchewan Manitoba and Alberta Learning and are in every school in Saskatchewan.

Artist Statement:

My art endeavors to explore all the dimensions that make us human: spirit, body, mind, and place. The creative drive that shapes and forms my art is a need to “seek communion”. Communion with myself, with others, with God. Each Subject offers its own emotional energy, shaping the nature of the expression. Painting portraits is akin to a process of stripping away what I know stroke by stroke attempting to reveal or discover what is hidden
I think when all the stripping is done and a work is successful we are left with something closer to truth, beauty or mystery. These, after all, are the invisible things, enclosed by the flesh.

Process/Technique Statement:

Bauche’s process often begins with an acrylic understudy that expresses the style and looseness he wishes to see carried through to the final stages. Oil paint is introduced in the final process offering energy and excitement through intensity of colour texture and brush stroke. Frequently Bauche completes the piece by finishing it with encaustic (an ancient process that involves using bees wax and tree resin)
Bauche’s work in the Gallery world gave him the advantage of working extensively with digital technology where he became highly skilled as a photographer and accomplished in digital design. These skills have now directly resulted in his production of large format digital photographs frequently printed on composite aluminum then finished with encaustic and oil paint (Bauche has created paintings and encaustic digital work as large as 8×16 feet in venues across Canada)


"Dean, Jan & Darrell are a dynamic trio you don't want to miss an opportunity to paint with and learn from. Endless inspiration, creative challenge, deep insight, authentic encouragement, & boundless belly laughs are what is in store for you in Rethinking Your Painting Approach at forestART"

Katherine J Lachapelle
Fellow artist & collaborator
"What stood out as a highlight of Ness forest Art 2019 was the “collabration” …the enegy , the atmosphere, safe place to be in, no judgement,…I loved the unique approach the instructors were very good and had lots of suggestions….[they] kept it light and positive"
forestART 2019 Student


FAQ & More Info

This course offers foundational concepts and approaches that will provide important insights for both the beginner and the advanced painter. Each person will take away the learning and information they are ready for. 

If you want to free yourself up in your painting technique, this course is definitely for you. It will challenge your blocks and offer hands on techniques that encourages us to break out of the familiar, safe, boring patterns we can sometimes develop in our painting process. We will learn that inspiration can be drawn through collaboration with our peers to overcome any block or rut.

Dean, Jan and Darrell have come to value the radical diversity each one brings to the table. Although their subject matter  and content are rarely the same, they have found that their approach and desire to create fresh and compelling art to be their bond.
For this reason they take every opportunity in their busy lives to work, paint, and teach together. People who work alongside them find their desire to break the mould to be contagious.

Lighting and painting space

  • We recommend Student bring individual lightning
  • Extention cords
  • Drop cloth with plastic one side if possible (at dollar store) 

Basic Supplies 

  • Easel
  • “Plein air” supplies
  • Sketch pads and pencils
  • Paint medium of choice (With a preference of having in your palette, cool and warm colours in all three primaries as close to professional grade paint as possible plus Burnt Sienna in all mediums and Windsor Blue if working in Water colour
  • Large painting trays and surfaces for mixing paint
  • Table cover and easel if you use it
  • spritzer bottles                      
  • Primed canvas – canvas sizes, some can be small but at least four 24×30 or larger
  • An assortment (larger) Brushes and palette knives
  • Drop mats and towels


  • Phone, Ipad, laptop, if you have them
  • Digital apps loaded before you arrive. We will focus on  Photomatix HDR, Procreate, Prisma, iColorama

(Digital apps are optional but generally everyone wants them after the demonstration. Some people may need help down loading these and that is just fine. Don’t worry about the digital part if it is out of your comfort zone)

Source material

  • Bring portfolio (at least 20) of good personal resource images to paint from indoors (photos or digital if you have a digital screen ) *************
  • Students should bring one or more example of present work for critiquing (preferably original but digital in a squeeze)
  • Mentor images digital images of another artist’s work that really excites you (at least 5 on a thumb drive)

Mandatory supplies

  • Containers for fluids
  • spritzer bottles
  • Primed canvas – canvas sizes, some can be small but at least four 24×30 or larger
  • Windsor blue 
  • Burnt Siena 
  • An assortment (larger) Brushes and palette knives

Depending on your medium of choice, at least one of the following

  • Acrylic Large stay wet pallet 12×16 or bigger
  • Oil and wc pallet at least as big

Supplied by Instructors: 

  • seven large group canvases
  • some small boards for group work
  • squeeze bottles
  • Specialty Paint
  • Encaustic wood substrate 
  • Class notes printed 

Thursday AM: Registration

Thursday 1pm: Official Start / Group Orientation

Thursday PM           

  • design and colour theory refresher
  • how to use digital technology
  • planning subject matter
  • prepping a canvas demo
  • group collaboration landscape
  • your turn to try out what you have learned

7PM – 9PM: Evening sessions each night (tba)


Friday   AM           

  • Group Collaboration – portrait or still life
  • Your turn to try out what you have learned Studio work or plein air
  • Capturing photo resources of your subject for later

Friday  PM

  • Time to work on your own individual projects with individual instruction
  • Break out groups, mini demonstrations, and activities, in watercolour, pallet knife, use of digital photography and apps.

Saturday AM

  • Collaboration group’s choice
  • Your turn to try out what you have learned, Studio work or plein air

Saturday PM

  • Studio application and best practices for final painting
  • Time to work on your own individual projects with individual instruction
  • Break out groups, mini demonstrations, and activities,
  • critique session

Sunday AM

  • Collaboration group’s choice
  • Wrap up feedback and overview
  • Critique session
  • Final instructions

It’s choose your own adventure, with options to suit every budget! You can cook all your own meals, pay for lunches only, or get the full meal deal. You can camp with or without power, bunk in with some fellow artists in shared accommodation, or rent a private cabin. 

Full Details on our Food & Accommodation Options can be found on the main forestART page or when you go to register!

Are you joining us?

 We look forward to seeing you in Triple Impact Painting with Dean Bauche, Jan Layh & Darrell Baschak!

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