Jewellery Fundamentals

Design & Fabrication

with fine Silversmith Megan Broner

You can't use creativity up - the more you use, the more you have. - Maya Angelou

Do you have a fascination with jewellery making? Whether you are just beginning or have already ventured into jewellery making, your confidence will increase as you learn the fundamentals of jewellery design and fabrication. This workshop is intended for beginner and intermediate metal smiths who wish to build foundations in metal fabrication and explore aesthetics and functional considerations of body adornment.

This workshop offers an introduction to the fundamentals of jewellery design and fabrication. Using traditional and improvised hand tools students, will acquire foundational skills such as filing, sawing, drilling, piercing, forming, hammering, texturing, soldering, and annealing.

Important considerations in jewellery design such as aesthetics, comfort and wearability, fit, form, and function will be explored.

Whether you have little experience but lots of creative curiosity, or have already tried you hand at jewellery fabrication, this workshop can take you a step further. Students will design and create at least one piece of jewellery, such as a ring, a pendant, earrings or a bracelet or a project of their choosing, using sterling silver, copper and brass.


  • Jewellery design fundamentals
  • Proper use and care of hand tools
  • Sawing, piercing, drilling, shaping, hammering, fusing, texturing, soldering and annealing.
  • Making improvised tools for specific purposes
  • Creation of at least one beautiful, wearable piece of jewellery!

There are no prerequisites for this class. Those with an interest in jewellery but with no experience are more than welcome. Those with past experience in jewellery-making & silversmithing with have opportunity to practice and advance their skills under an master silversmith.



Date: Tuesday, Aug. 6th – Friday, Aug. 9th

Tuition: $580
  • Early Bird Course Tuition $445
  • 20 Hours of Course Time
  • Material & Equipment Fee of $135
  • Daily “Boreal Bites”  
  • Morning Yoga
  • An unforgettable experience

Inclusive Price: $580 – $1030
Inclusive Price varies based on chosen meal plan & accommodation during your time at forestART. See FAQ’s for more info.

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Your Instructor : Megan Broner

I use the human form as a starting point for creating wearable art, which is jewellery at its best. My designs, expressed in precious metals and colourful gemstones, take inspiration from the natural world: its beauty, proportions and balance. In nature, nothing is superfluous; form and function spring from one another. Using both classical and modern techniques, I create works that attempt to achieve the intricate simplicity that is so evident in nature. I believe that jewellery acts a personal language and can speak on many levels to both the wearer and the observer.

I have been a full time jewellery designer/maker for 40 years. An early

interest in jewellery led me to an apprenticeship in Rome for three years with Italian goldsmiths. I have enjoyed self-directed development since then, with specialized studies at jewellery institutes in New York and San Francisco.


FAQ & More Info

No, this class will accommodate all levels, though some experience is helpful. This is a workshop about expanding your own practice, so I will help each person work at their own level. There is also a lot of cross-pollination as people learn from each other!

Of course! It will be so nice to walk away from the experience with some finished works! You will complete at least one piece of jewellery through the course, and perhaps more depending on size & complexity of your project.

Materials required to be supplied by the student: 

  • Apron
  • Safety gear (glasses, earplugs, work gloves)
  • Ultra fine tip Sharpie
  • Pen/pencil
  • Sketchbook or notepad
  • Closed-toe shoes
  • Your own special tools, if you have (please mark with your name)
  • water bottle
  • Hair tie (for long hair)

Supplied by the Instructor & covered by the $135 Material & Equipment fee. 

  • A fully equipped Silversmith studio in the middle of the forest!

  • Use of all hand & power tools

  • Saw blades

  • Solderer, & silver wire solder.

  • Metal sheet & wire for samples & basic projects

  • $50 worth of Sterling Silver for Main project                    

We will have a beautiful sheltered jewellery workshop that has been used by jewellery makers from around the world! It is an open air space to allow in the forest inspiration from the surrounding nature. It’s always best to come prepared for the elements.

Daily Schedule for this course TBA 

Tuesday Afternoon 


Tuesday evening     









  • Optional yoga prior to breakfast


  • Palette Cleanse Social Hour with complimentary “boreal bites” appetizers – an opportunity roup discussion/critique, design, business, slide show, etc.
    – [anything else from you]

It’s choose your own adventure, with options to suit every budget! You can cook all your own meals, pay for lunches only, or get the full meal deal. You can camp with or without power, bunk in with some fellow artists in shared accommodation, or rent a private cabin. 

Full Details on our Food & Accommodation Options can be found on the main forestART page or when you go to register!

Are you joining us??

 We look forward to seeing you in Jewellery Fundamentals with Megan Broner!

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